Monday, October 13, 2014

Horror Movies for Halloween (Part II)

Continuing my short reviews of semi-obscure horror films. Listed in alphabetical order, I hope you find a good suggestion or two in one of these lists to haunt your dreams.

Dead Silence (2007) (Supernatural) - I've been fascinated with maniacal dummies ever since I saw the 1978 film Magic and not one, but two great Twilight Zone episodes about dummies coming to life. So I was delightfully surprised when I stumbled upon this entry on Netflix. I was more surprised when I found out it was from the creators of Saw. This movie definitely has some interesting concepts and a couple of fun scenes, unfortunately, the characters are dull and flat and the overall story is just too boring. Skip. (Currently on Netflix.)

The Bay (2012) - A found footage film directed by Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Good Morning, Vietnam). Made as a documentary after the events, this found footage film works better than most as we have a few good shocks, a pseudo-scientific explanation, and a fairly interesting narrative. It's about a small community that is ravaged by contaminated water. There's more to it than that, but I don't want too reveal much. Partial recommend. (Currently on Netflix.)

House of the Devil (2009) (Supernatural) - A college girl in desperate need of rent money takes on a strange babysitting job. When she arrives at the house, she finds there's no baby, but an elderly woman she's not too bother. The couple only want her there in case of an emergency. They offer a ridiculous sum of money for a few hours service. They need someone so they can go out and enjoy the unusual lunar eclipse. Of course, things aren't as they seem and our college girl soon becomes hunted as a Satanic sacrifice. This film is by Ti West, director of The Innkeepers another in the genre of slow burn horror. As much as I enjoy subtlety and find most modern horror films too over the top, this film is simply too slow. It takes so long for anything to happen, that by the time it does, I no longer care. I wanted to like this film, but instead I almost fell asleep watching it. Skip. (Currently on Netflix.)

Splinter (2008) (Supernatural) - A young couple is kidnapped by another couple on a murderous spree through the backwoods somewhere when they all encounter a strange alien force that grows in living tissue until it takes over the being. The group finds themselves trapped in a remote gas station with no escape as they try to keep the entity out. This is a fun film that I quite enjoyed. Recommend.

Would You Rather (2012) - Eight people are gathered together at the behest of a wealthy benefactor who offers them the financial solutions to their problems if they just play a little game. Unfortunately, the game has some deadly consequences and there can only be one winner. This is an incredibly uncomfortable film and for that reason, I enjoyed it. Recommend.

You're Next (2011) - A family gathers at a large estate only to find themselves hunted by men in masks. Despite the all too familiar horror opening , this movie switches gears and reveals a few simple, but fun twists. I enjoyed it. Recommend. (Currently on Netflix.)
(To be continued...)

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