Monday, September 17, 2007

Update & Interview

Originally, the intent of this blog was exclusively to post my semi-weekly column that I was writing for the Sri Lanka Daily News (for more information on that, read the very first entry). However, with the resignation of my friend and editor-in-chief Bandula Jayasekara, that has come to an end. So I've decided to hijack this space to write about, well, whatever the hell I want!

So what will I write about? Well, I have some column ideas that I never quite finished but would still like to find an outlet for. I'm sure I'll include those at some point. Otherwise, I'll simply use this space to mention any other random thoughts and ideas I have which is how I imagine most author blogs are used. This will include recommending books (often), movies (rarely -- why do most movies suck these days?), and whatever else comes to mind.

I'll also be using this space to highlight my career (or lack thereof), including signings, convention appearances, etc. I'll jump right in by mentioning my recent interview on Geek World Radio ( I was recently a guest of hosts AnnaMay and Dave who were very delightful and entertaining. We mostly discussed my graphic novel, AFTERLIFE, but we also briefly delved into my past, the creative process, and how Afterlife was conceived. Click here -- or else the link below will take you directly to the podcast of the show:

Otherwise, I invite you to check back regularly for random ramblings news and updates.


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