Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Babel... more like Crapel!

I'm constantly amazed at what passes for good cinema these days. I've long argued that movies made in the past five years or so have followed a serious decline in quality. I'm not just talking about the blockbusters, but even the so called art house or indie movies. Even the few films I enjoyed don't seem to have the rewatchability (is that even a real word?) of most classic films.

What brings me to this current diatribe? The film Babel. How was this nominated for Best Picture (or anything else for that matter)? After muddling through this train wreck (which, thanks to the subtitles, allowed me to watch most of the film at 2x speed sparing me wasting a full 2 hours and 20 minutes of my life), I felt compelled to read what other reviewers thought of this film. Some gush, but there was one line on that had me laugh out loud.

If misery is your pornography, Babel is your holy grail.
Dave Calhoun TIME OUT

And runner up was this little gem:

If Babel were a football game, I'd flag it 15 yards for piling on.
David Ansen NEWSWEEK

Bottom line, spare yourself sitting through this film and instead partake in a more productive activity for two hours -- like cutting yourself or sniffing paint. You'll probably feel better about yourself and the time will pass more quickly.

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