Monday, November 5, 2007

Exciting New Horror Project

I know many of my fans are eagerly awaiting volume 2 of Afterlife. At this time, the project is slated for an April, 2008 release. Rick Zwyk, taking over for Rob Steen, is working diligently to finish the remaining chapters by the end of the year.

Meanwhile, I'm proud to announce that I'm currently working on an exciting new horror project with artist/creator Garrett Eisenheim.

The project, as yet untitled, is a supernatural story about a psychotic killer collecting the eyes of his victims in the town of Shrovetide, a surreal city built over the ruins of a carnival. Detective Lloyd Hammond discovers that the killer's victims have all been through the town's mysterious and recently re-opened funhouse. But friends and family have noted that the victims seemed "different" after their funhouse visit. Can Hammond discover the link between the funhouse and the killer before the killer claims his next victim? And why doesn't Hammond feel any different... after all, he's been through the funhouse several times. Is something evil lurking in its shadows?

Of course, there is! But you'll have to wait for the book to come out to learn more. I also promise, the story has many twists and turns and not everything is as it seems.

Two of the pages are previewed here. One is fully colored by the talented Adam Street. The other, still in its B&W form, shows off Garrett's raw talents.

We don't have a release date on this project, but I'm hoping to have it out sometime around Spring, 2008. Unlike Afterlife, this will be a traditional comic book that will eventually be compiled into a graphic novel. At least, that's our current goal.

Stay tuned for more images or visit

Coming soon will be some sneak preview images from volume 2 of Afterlife (due out in April, 2008).

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