Friday, November 10, 2006

How ironic...

In early 2000 I went to Sri Lanka where I met journalist Bandula Jayasekara. Recently, he took over as the editor of The Daily News, an English language newspaper that's been in existence since the early 20th century. Once he became editor, he asked if I wanted to write a weekly column. I asked, "Are you serious?" He was. He also said I could write about anything I wanted to, so I agreed.

I then spent several weeks struggling to come up with an idea for my first column. Nothing came to mind.

Meanwhile, the editor of AFTERLIFE (my original graphic novel, see side links for more info) urged me to open a profile on the Tokyopop website. Grudgingly, I jumped onto the site and tried to figure out how I might draw some attention to myself. Of course, a blog is always the answer. Except that I find I dislike most blogs. So I decided to write about that.

As I began my first blog entry, I realized I was writing my first column. Of course, I had to make some changes, but I couldn't believe that a quick promotional endeavor that I was dreading would supply me with material. Of course, it serves as merely an introduction, but I think it a good one. Meanwhile, I don't think the Daily News has an archive section. So, even more to my amazement, I decided to open this blog. I guess it's time. People have told me it's necessary for an author to have one in the 21st century. We'll see. If nothing else, I figure I can post my columns.

Speaking of which, I'll post it as my second entry. Of course, you can also check out The Daily News at this link here --

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